Adjust your player rankings according to their team

This one's a fantasy football classic, but that's why it works. In this strategy, you consider how much a team will improve or regress the next year. It works both ways, you either move a fantasy player up or down in your rankings accordingly. You need to consider both the offense and defense.

Let's start with the offense. If a team is expected to have an improved offensive line in the upcoming season, move their running back up a couple of spots on your cheat sheets. If the team loses their pro bowl blocking full back to free agency, then drop their running back down a few spots. Other factors to consider in the offense are changes at QB, receiver, and even tight end in some cases. Will that number #1 wide out suffer from double teams all year now that the team lost their solid #2 WO?

Moving on to the defense. If a defense is suddenly improved, how will that affect the fantasy performance of those players? It really depends on how pathetic the defense was the year before. If they were giving up 35 points a game, it's safe to assume they were throwing the ball a ton playing catch up. So the team's running back probably wasn't getting enough carries to reach that magical 100 yd mark.

f you think the defense has significantly improved enough to keep then in most ball games next year, you may want to give a boost the running back up on your cheat sheet and drop down the QB and the receivers a bit. Go back to player ranking page.