A "how to guide" for fantasy football newbies

Are you new to fantasy football?  If you are, welcome aboard!  Fantasy football is one of the best hobbies in world.  It’s fun and challenging.   It’s a great way to build and maintain friendships for years to come.  And let’s not forget, you can win a ton of money! 

There are some basic things you need to learn before you join your first fantasy football league, which is why I’ve created this beginners section.  You need to understand the rules and how leagues function throughout the year.  Then you have to understand how drafts and auctions are run.  After that, it’s time to learn how to prepare for your auction or draft. 

Once you understand the basics of fantasy football, you can read through the advanced strategies on this site if you’re feeling ambitious.  Use the navigation to your left to get started, and once again, welcome to fantasy football!