Make your own cheat sheets for your draft or auction

These are my personal cheat sheets that I’ve made based off my own little recipe.  The recipe is one part fantasy football resources, one part NFL information, and one part my own ranking strategies.

There are two main fantasy football resources I use.  Fanball is one.  If you aren’t using Fanball, then you’re either brand new to fantasy football or you’ve had your head in the sand.  Fanball was originally called Fantasy Football Weekly and it was only available in print.  Yep, it was the main source of fantasy information and cheat sheets for us old timers used back in the early 90s.  It has evolved into the most popular online fantasy sports site.  Use it.  Pay for the premium version to receive daily updated cheat sheets, it’s worth it.

The other fantasy source I use for my cheat sheets is another old school resource called Grogan’s Fantasy Football.  Grogan’s has been a great resource for fantasy owners for 15 years.  Again, spend the extra money to have full access to their resources.  The return on investment is the best I’ve found on the internet.  It’s also not very well known which gives you a little extra edge.

Along with these two fantasy football sources, I also use several NFL resources to create my cheat sheets.  If you only read fantasy football cheat sheets and injury updates, you are simply not seeing the whole picture.  Let me repeat that.  You are missing the boat if you ignore all the fantastic NFL information that you have at your disposal.   My three favorites are Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and Pro Football Weekly. 

Pro Football Weekly is a relatively unknown to most team fantasy team owner’s.  They offer a fantasy area, but that’s not why I read it.  The goods are in the Whispers and The Way We HEAR IT sections.  There’s great info everywhere, but those are my two favorites.

The last part is my own player ranking strategies.  I assimilate all of the information I’ve learned from the above resources and them apply my own strategies to create my own cheat sheets.   So feel free to look and/or use these cheat sheets.  But definitely check out the publications recommended above.