Learn fantasy football player ranking, auction and draft strategies

The main purpose of this site is to pass along ranking, auction, and draft advice that will help you win you fantasy football league. As mentioned on the home page, using these strategies will give you an edge over your fantasy league. Why? Because you won't be going into your draft totally clueless like many owners do.

You will have your own cheat sheet, not the same one that everyone else has. You will know WHY the players are ranked where they are because you put them there. In the mean time, your fellow fantasy football league owners will be picking players in the order some magazine tells the to without really knowing why.

Once you've ranked your players, it's time to prepare for your fantasy football auction and/or draft. This is especially important if you are auctioning. You must walk in confident. The more you know about the players and the teams, the better off you will be. Does that sound like work? Well, yes, it does take a little work. Instead of thinking about as work, think about it as investment.

How much money will you get if you win your league or leagues? Let's say it's 1K. Isn't it worth spending 3-4 hours one Saturday to prepare your own cheat sheets? And then tack on a couple more for your auction or draft strategy. At 6 hours, that's over a hundred dollars an hour - cash - if you win.

Now we've done out part here to make the preparation easier and faster for you. Take some time to read through these strategies. I hope you'll find a least one that will help you prepare and win your fantasy football league this year.