Learn how to better your player rankings

A good way to gain an advantage over your fantasy football league is to customize your cheat sheets.  The experts do a great job, but there’s always room for improvement in the player rankings.  Also, there's a good chance the owners in your league are using the same fantasy cheat sheets that you are.  

This is where strategies come in.  You need to separate yourself from the others.  When you incorporate your favorite strategies, suddenly the player rankings become yours.  When you rank the players using your own head, good things start to happen.  There are always certain fantasy football players that should be ranked higher or lower then all the experts say.  The challenge is to choose the right ones.

I’ve developed a few of my own strategies that have proved to increase the accuracy of my player rankings.  Use the navigation on the left to read them and I hope you find them helpful. Back to the player ranking strategy page.