How a new coach will change your player rankings

This strategy involves adjusting a fantasy football player's ranking based on having a different coach from the previous season. It works two ways - a new coach takes over the team of a specific player, or that player moves to a new team, thus a new coach. Generally, this applies to head coaches, but you can also include offensive coordinators of the football team.

I'll give you one of my favorite examples of this strategy. In 2002, Ricky Williams was ranked pretty high going into that year. Most fantasy authorities had him between 10-12. But Ricky was about to have a new coach in Miami - Norv Turner. The same Norv Turner who has turned many a running back into a star. Ladainian Tomlinson , Stephen Davis, Terry Allen , and Emmitt Smith. Bingo. I immediately moved Ricky up in rankings several spots. He ended up being one of the top five backs that year.?

So, if a head coach has a solid reputation as "he’s great at developing young quarterbacks", do not ignore this! He usually has that reputation for a good reason. Take that quarterback he’s now coaching and bump him up in your rankings or consider taking him late for cheap in your keeper league. Back to the player ranking strategy page.