Target the players you want on your team

Everybody agrees that one of the best reasons to auction instead of drafting is that every fantasy football player is available to every owner. Therefore, you want to go into your auction targeting 1-3 players that you really want on your team.

There are two good things that will come from this. The first is obvious – you’ll get your ‘must have’ players on your team. The second reason is just as important. It will instill discipline in your spending. This is very important in your fantasy football auction. You don’t ever want to over pay for a player you don’t want on your team. By setting aside X amount of money for your targeted players, this will make easier not to overspend on players you don’t want.

By targeting players before your auction you’ll have players you believe are ready for a good year, and players that you really like. And you won’t be sitting there after the auction saying “how did these guys all end up on my team?” Back to the auction strategy page.