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If you want to play the online slots machine, then you catch it through online slots. As everybody knows, slots are the famous games played through online. So you can enjoy the slot games easily and comfortably online within your home itself. Here in this game, you can also get the facilities to get bonus and such information is totally present with the concerned website. So without wasting your time if you are interested to play the games of slots you can directly play these games through online whenever you want.

What do you mean by Loose Slots and what are they?

For many slot players on internet, the loose slot (or also called as fruit machine to friends in UK) is actually defined as which pays money with regularity. On opposite end of spectrum, tight slot is generally defined one which does not pay out often. Lots of players on internet resemble the knights of the old in search of Holy Grail since they are travelling from each and every casino to search for right loose slots.

Thus, do loose slots exist? Well, answer is not very simple as you may imagine. As there is not any rigid standard what makes the machine loose and tight, answer is left up to different definitions that vary from one player to another. For purposes of the article, let us now assume that these slot machines exist in the real world.

Loosest Slot Machines & Payback Percentages

Remember because the machine boasts 98% of payback percentage, does not mean you can necessarily get around $98 back from $100 of deposit. Around 98% generally refers to long term payback, this can play out millions of the spins. There are the periods where slot machine pays more money back, as well as there are the periods where machine appears like Scrooge from Christmas Carol. One more method to determine if slot is loose and tight is figuring out payout percentage for the jackpot on given machine. Example, let us say that slot has three reels & 20 stops every reel then jackpot symbol is been represented by 7, thus it is very safe to assume this symbol can appear one time on every reel (in the example, you have to line 3 7s for getting a jackpot). My favourite slots site is , there are 100's of slot reviews available and also casino guides, to make you choose the best option.